Valeport producing vital PPE for NHS

Members of Valeport’s Research and Development team have turned their attention to making protective face shields for NHS workers. Providing a barrier against the novel coronavirus, the special face shields are created using a 3D printer and plastic.

Jay Nicholson, head of research and development, commented, “We volunteered to make the masks as we felt it was so important to help join the fight against COVID-19 and wanted to use our capabilities and facilities to do this.”

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer Richard Southall led the production of the masks at Valeport and produced two different designs, one which allows wearers to replace the acetate shield themselves and a more robust design that can be cleaned and reused.

Richard added, “We have access to one 3D printer, so the numbers of face masks we can make is limited. However, we’ve had really positive feedback from those that have received them, who have found them comfortable to wear and noting that importantly, the visor shield sits nicely away from the face so it doesn’t steam up.”

To date, Valeport has supplied the face masks to care homes local to Valeport and doctors’ surgeries in Devon and Oxfordshire and has recently received a repeat order for more.

Valeport will continue to produce the face shields, which are made to an approved design, whilst there is a demand for them.

If you would like more information please contact Jay Nicholson at Learn more here.

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