SubSLAM X2: 3D Data with Submillimeter Accuracy

Vaarst is introducing its SubSLAM X2 technology to the U.S. market, following a strong year of activity across the U.K., Europe and Africa. The move continues the company’s global growth plans, including its first U.S. base established in 2022 to bring its expertise and capabilities in industrial robotics, computer vision, autonomy and AI technologies to the Americas.

As an alternative to conventional video imagery and other 3D modeling systems that require
scale bar deployment and post-processing of results, SubSLAM is a real-time intelligent data collection system that delivers 4K resolution video with simultaneous high-quality live 3D dense point clouds at submillimeter accuracy. SubSLAM enables fast visualization, with even faster analysis and measurement of critical infrastructure and components, for asset owners operating in the subsea sectors of civil, marine sciences, offshore renewables and oil and gas. Applications range from asset integrity, subsea metrology for construction projects, decommissioning, pipeline inspection, cable pre-lay inspection, boulder removal, and coral reef inspections.

Five SubSLAM systems are being introduced to the U.S.–two deepwater systems that can operate in depths down to 2,000 m and three more systems that will operate in shallower waters down to 300 m. A 6,000-m-capable system is expected to be available from the third quarter of 2023.

The systems, which will make their debut off the U.S. East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico, are
initially being made available to potential users, such as operators, developers, drilling
companies, service companies, universities engaged in marine science and others, on a trial or
rental basis to give them the opportunity to test the capabilities of the system and to compare
the results and benefits against other systems.

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