Unique Group Unveils COVID-19 Pressure Ventilator System for Africa

Uni-Life 100 Ventilator System

Cape Town-based subsea engineering expert, MMO, a Unique Group Company, has announced the successful completion of beta testing its Uni-Life 100, a non-invasive positive pressure ventilation system which was designed in-house.

Developed in conjunction with the technical expertise and production support of Unique Group, the system has been specifically created to aid African authorities in their efforts to provide mass treatment to patients across the continent who are displaying COVID-19-related symptoms.

As a global leader in the manufacture and supply of diving and hyperbaric medical systems, the design and development of a non-invasive positive pressure ventilation system represents a significant step forward in supporting regional governmental efforts during the pandemic through its B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) entity, MMO.

With the initial production batch of 10,000 units planned, the Uni-Life 100 system provides a highly cost-effective solution that can be mass produced as a lightweight, modular and rapidly distributed alternative to other ventilator systems available.

The system utilizes Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) architecture, incorporating a compact gas blending and supply system that provides a therapeutic mixture of air and enriched oxygen, adjusted to a patient’s requirements. The system includes an inflatable, transparent vinyl hood which is placed over the patient’s head, thereby allowing the individual to comfortably breathe the therapeutic air.

“We are proud to have locally designed and tested the compact Uni-Life 100 positive pressure ventilating system, and we are now ready to mass produce. Through our life support and hyperbaric medical equipment, we have been committed to saving lives globally; the in-house-designed ventilation system now helps raise awareness of our regional capabilities during these incredibly challenging times. The system bolsters our efforts in supporting measures to collaborate and further develop this critical treatment system to meet current demands,” commented Rodney McKechnie, group director for Unique Group’s Africa operations and managing director for MMO, upon successful completion of the first batch beta testing.

“I would like to convey my thanks to the team which has worked tirelessly to complete the timely production of the first batch of these units amid the appropriate restrictions and social distancing requirements as mandated by the South African government.”

To learn more about the Uni-Life 100 visit MMO’s official site.

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