This Tuesday Through Thursday: Watch Real-Time Exploration of Steamship Portland Wreck

From August 25 to 27, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Marine Imaging Technologies and sanctuary staff will be exploring the wreck of the steamship Portland and a mystery coal schooner located within Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. The expedition will include live broadcasts from the shipwrecks and in-person commentaries from the research team.

Teachers, students and all individuals interested in underwater exploration are invited to tune in; you can also submit written questions to the expedition team.

The broadcasts will air at 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm EDT on August 25 (Tuesday) from the wreck of Portland; and 2:30 pm  and 6:30 pm EDT on August 26 (Wednesday) and 2:30 pm EDT on August 27 (Thursday) from the mystery coal schooner. Learn more at the expedition website.

The passenger steamship Portland was a night boat that made regular runs between Boston and Portland, Maine. It was lost with all hands on November 27, 1898. This year, researchers are attempting to penetrate the ship to examine the engine room and boilers to better understand the ship’s last hours and possible causes for its sinking.
Biologists are sampling the invertebrate community that has colonized the wreck to study its similarity to natural boulder reef communities nearby.

The mystery coal schooner was one of many hard-working cargo carriers that brought coal and other products from mid-Atlantic ports to communities in the Northeast. Its identify is unknown at this time but maritime archaeologists will examine artifacts and vessel construction features discovered during this project in an attempt to identify the ship. The team welcomes contributions from the public in this effort.

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