Teledyne Marine Announces 2020 Academic Product Grant


Teledyne Marine is pleased to offer the next generation of technologists and explorers the opportunity to utilize the organization’s leading-edge technology for planned 2020 programs free of charge via their 2020 Academic Product Grant.

Teledyne Marine delivers the widest breadth of technology in the industry, and is pleased to share a full suite of these technologies with the academic community to address an array of potential global research programs. This grant is open to all students from accredited universities or institutions pursuing oceanographic or hydrographic studies, and provides up to 6 months’ free product usage and technical consultations to help ensure their success.

Products in this year’s grant include: ADCPs, acoustic releases, DVLs, multibeam and imaging sonars, and hydrophones. Applicants can apply for one or more of these products as required for their research programs.

Visit the academic grant web page for a full list of products, rules and requirements, as well as the online submission form.

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