Teledyne Photo Contest Winner

Teledyne received more than 70 photos showing their customers hard at work using Teledyne Marine products in amazing, whacky and wonderful ways.

The contest was a great opportunity to help raise awareness of the current challenges faced by the international ocean community.

Watch the 2019 winner video here.​

The panel of judges and industry experts included: Dr. Rick Spinrad, president of the Marine Technology Society (MTS); Dr. Elizabeth Jamieson, senior engineer for Canada’s hydrometric program (Water Survey of Canada); and Mike Nitska, president of The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA).​

The winner is a photo by Ryan Buck of EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. in Canada of the RiverRay ADCP being deployed shortly after streams become ice free in northern British Columbia. RiverRay was used to monitor river-flow conditions during spring snow melt.

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