Teledyne CARIS Moves to Softkey Licensing for its Software Applications

A screenshot of the Bathy DataBASE application, the first from Teledyne CARIS to use its new licensing option. (Image: Teledyne CARIS)

Teledyne CARIS is moving to new software licensing technology. Clients will first see this implemented in conjunction with the upcoming release of Bathy DataBASE 5.2, with integration into other CARIS applications scheduled for the coming months. The new licensing technology is the company’s response to changing market requirements and preparing for new options for future software deployment.

Key benefits of the new technology include: softkey activation; elimination of physical hardware to reduce the possibility of damage or loss; elimination of a separate licensing tool; faster software purchase and setup; and improved license usage transparency for network license users.

More information about the change can be found on the Teledyne CARIS licensing FAQ page:

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