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Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony for Wave Energy Converter

US Navy wave energy device blessing Hawaii

The Naval Facilities (NAVFAC) Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) based in Port Hueneme, California, has successfully developed, towed and begun the official installation of a green energy altering wave energy converter (WEC) device off the coast of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Partnering with Ocean Energy USA LLC, the WEC device will move to Marine Corps Base Hawaii to be

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U.S. Navy Pacific Command Renamed to Indo-Pacific Command

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announced Wednesday the renaming of the U.S. Pacific Command, which will now be called U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. The announcement was part of a change-of-command ceremony at Pearl Harbor in which the new U.S. Indo-Pacific Commander, Admiral Phil Davidson, took command. Watch the video below from the U.S. Pacific Command announcement on Twitter or read more about

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