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Alvin Manned Submersible Makes its 5000th Dive

The Alvin manned submersible vehicle made its 5,000th dive during an expedition to the Guaymas Basin in the Gulf of California in November 2018, marking a milestone in a its 54 years of operation in ocean science. The submersible, which was officially commissioned June 5, 1964, has been used in a number of key discoveries and projects including the discovery

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A Multi-Channel Chemical Sensor for Precision Measurement at 4,000 m Depths

Seawater contains various chemical elements that are significant in scientific research. These elements are affected by diverse chemical transport mechanisms including atmosphere, river, hydrothermal and other natural processes. Much research has been conducted on the measurement of chemicals in seawater in which various methods were utilized, and the corresponding measurement instruments were developed. However, some high-precision methods and instruments can

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Ocean Networks Canada Installs Neutrino Detector in Deep Pacific

An ocean research center of the University of Victoria, Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), is installing new infrastructure at its deepest node on its offshore observatory—Cascadia Basin, an abyssal plain 2,700 m below sea level—to test the location’s potential for a future large-scale neutrino observatory. Neutrinos are one of the universe’s most essential ingredients and one of nature’s most abundant subatomic

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