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Star-Oddi Launches A New Compass Heading Data Logger

Starmon Compass

Star-Oddi has launched the Starmon compass, a new compass heading data logger with high accuracy and a large memory. This robust logger is ideal for analyzing heading direction and tilt movements on subsea gear and robotics. Both vertical and horizontal placement is possible. Starmon compass boasts multiple sensors in a compact titanium housing. In addition to heading, pitch & roll,

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OceanScan-MST Uses iXblue Phins for Lightweight AUVs

iXblue’s Phins Compact Series has been selected by OceanScan-MST, the Portugal-based manufacturer of the lightweight, cost-effective AUV (LAUV), to equip three new vehicles. To respond to end-user demand for a higher position accuracy with a small size factor and lower cost, OceanScan-MST opted for the Phins C3. Built on iXblue’s fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) technology, the Phins compact series is a

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