SonarWiz Used for North Sea Surveys

The HMS St George shipwreck museum is responsible for the maritime archaeology of a large part of the Danish North Sea. Investigating and safeguarding underwater cultural heritage is part of daily work for their maritime archaeologists.

Methods for making research easier, more exact and secure are continuously sought, and SonarWiz software by Chesapeake Technology was recently added. SonarWiz has also been used by Energinet, Fugro and MMT to survey, collect and process the side scan sonar data which the museum later processed for their archaeological analyses.   

The Havfrue report covers the archaeological screening of geophysical data collected in 2018 for laying a transatlantic fiber cable in the North Sea. The geophysical data was analyzed using SonarWiz. One benefit of SonarWiz is that it enables automatically generated, detailed reports with sonar images, size and position of anomalies discovered during screening of the data.

The museum identified two potential archaeological objects on the seabed. They are now protected by a 100-meter radius safety zone to reduce risk of damage during the construction work while laying the cable.

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