US Navy SURTASS Program Support


When the U.S. Navy needed to ensure the recovery of the AN/UQQ-2 Surveillance Towed Sensor System (SURTASS) in case of loss at sea, they reached out to RJE International, Inc., the leader in subsea asset protection.

The SURTASS system is a passive surveillance system that consists of long acoustic arrays towed by the T-AGOS class naval ships. In support of the Navy’s ASW mission, SURTASS provides long-range detection, tracking and classification of both diesel and nuclear powered submarines.

To ensure the recovery of these arrays, the U.S. Navy has selected RJE International’s ATT-400 underwater acoustic transponder for subsea relocation in case of loss. At the end of each acoustic array, a RJE International ATT-400 is mounted to provide range and bearing for subsea recovery. RJE International Inc. is proud to have been selected to support the Navy’s mission to keep our sea-lanes open.

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