SUP Expedition for Great Lakes Research Surpasses Fundraising Goal

Three paddleboarders, Kwin Morris, Jeff Guy and Joe Lorenz, have landed on the shores of Catawba Island, Ohio, braving almost 20 hr. of headwinds to finish their 24-hr., 70-mi. journey across Lake Erie.

Their journey began on Belle Isle, Michigan. Lorenz said the crossing started off smoothly, but the trio soon encountered straight headwinds for the rest of the paddle. The trio traversed international waters and passed by 800-plus-ft. freighters and other boat traffic.

The trip was part of the paddlers’ Stand Up for Great Lakes project, intended to raise awareness about environmental issues in the region. The original fundraising goal for the latest expedition was $10,000, and the final tally reached about $15,000. The money will go to the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR) to study algal blooms.

Algal blooms are usually caused by runoff pollution and can impact both marine and human health. They are an annual threat to more than 11 million people via drinking water and recreational boating, fishing and swimming.

In 2018, the trio crossed Lake Superior on paddleboards and raised $15,000 for the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in the process. 

They have now successfully paddled across four of the five Great Lakes. Next up: Lake Ontario.

For more information or to make a donation, visit, and follow the team on and on Watch the award-winning documentary about their Lake Superior Crossing here.

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