Successful Sea Trials for Kraken MINSAS 120 on DIVE-LD AUV

Quincy, Massachusetts-based Dive Technologies Inc. has completed successful sea trials of Kraken’s miniature synthetic aperture sonar (MINSAS 120) integrated onto Dive’s large displacement AUV (DIVE-LD). The DIVE-LD is also powered by Kraken’s pressure-tolerant batteries.

Kraken’s MINSAS is a commercially available off-the-shelf configurable interferometric synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) that replaces high-end side scan sonar systems at an affordable price while delivering significantly higher resolution, range and area coverage rates (ACR). The increased range and resolution and associated higher ACR of SAS over traditional systems offers a powerful capability when combined with the long range and endurance of the DIVE-LD.

Sea trials were conducted from March 29 to April 8, held in shallow and very shallow water environments in and around Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, and Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Due to COVID travel restrictions, Kraken personnel provided support remotely throughout the integration and sea trials with the DIVE-LD. Immediately following successful sea trials, Dive was also able to conduct a number of demonstrations for commercial and defense customers.

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