Subsea Electric Power Conversion

A new electrical power conversion technology for subsea power distribution requirements being developed as a Phase II SBIR for the U.S. Navy has been introduced by Diversified Technologies Inc. of Bedford, Massachusetts.

The PowerMod Subsea MVDC Power Distribution System converts 10 kVDC to 375 VDC directly at the seafloor and is bidirectional for grid or loop configuration with multiple power sources. 

Allowing the transmission of megawatts at medium voltages over thousands of kilometers, system nodes were designed for extreme longevity and resilience with a 90 percent probability of operation for 25 years.

By transmitting power at medium voltages, the PowerMod Subsea MVDC Power Distribution System is ideal for use with motors, sensors and specialized electronics devices at the ocean floor. These pressurized power conversion modules measure 18-in. dia. and reside within the Primary Regional Scale Nodes (RSN) of the NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative at depths down to 3,500 m.

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