Near-Real-Time Wireless Data Transfer for ADCPs

The Subnero Wireless Integrated Suite (SWIS) – ADCP edition is the Singapore-based company’s latest development that provides seamless wireless connectivity to a seabed-mounted ADCP integrated with the Subnero Wireless Network Communication (WNC) series of products. SWIS an ideal solution for subsea applications that need
near-real-time access to current measurements.

Users can interact with the remote ADCP through another WNC device deployed from topside, such as from a boat, buoy or platform, which can be dynamically configured to provide the best communication performance in a given environment. The topside device can be accessed using a laptop or a tablet.

When connected, the dashboard appears with all relevant information in one place. In addition to the list of measurement files that you can download, the user interface provides critical information such as the roll and pitch of the sensor, its temperature, battery voltage, etc. A single click allows you to download any file of interest, and you can modify some of the remote device parameters during a deployment.

SWIS features a content-aware data summarization (CADS) engine that leverages machine learning techniques to generate smart previews of the ADCP data files for a user-selectable date range and compression ratio. Smart previews are of the same format as a regular file generated by the ADCP, which you can open using the same ADCP vendor-provided software to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.

In addition, SWIS provides smart scheduling capabilities for optimizing battery usage, as well as fault tolerance by duplicating the data in both the ADCP and WNC device to ensure data retrieval in the event of an equipment failure. SWIS also supports downloading data from multiple ADCPs deployed in the same area using a single topside unit.

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