New Standard Format for Vessel Data

A standardized vessel data set (SVD) for noon reports has been launched by the Smart Maritime Council following the completion of a proof-of-concept project involving vessel operators OSM Maritime, Thome Group and V.Ships. This is a nonproprietary list of standard data points that can be freely applied by any maritime industry stakeholders to simplify data collection and analysis.

Working from a standardized list created by the Smart Maritime Council in collaboration with Stolt Tankers, the project saw noon report data from individual vessels operated by each of the three ship managers mapped to the central standard and then exported as XML data files in the same common format.

The standardized data from the different companies were shared with Lloyd’s Register (LR), acting as the technology partner on the project, and uploaded into one of its software platforms adapted to accept the standard format for analysis, eliminating the need to run a separate translation procedure for each individual operator.

If shipping companies can map their own data to a standard format, they can immediately share the data with any application that supports the same standard without the need for further customization. This will reduce the cost involved in data analysis while improving vessel operators’ ability to choose different software providers and more easily move their data.

The standardized vessel data set (SVD) for noon reports is available to download for free from the Smart Maritime Network website, along with a white paper outlining the project and further supporting resources for application of the standard.

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