ST Conference Preview: Anti-Submarine Warfare 2019

As the submarine threat grows, it is vital that NATO’s anti-submarine warfare (ASW) forces can operate together decisively. The Anti-Submarine Warfare conference taking place June 24–26 in London will bring together more than 50 operational and capability experts across air, surface and sub-surface to agree on a full-spectrum and multi-domain approach to future ASW.

The conference will be focused on ensuring that airborne, surface and sub-surface assets can operate together and that ASW training keeps pace with the latest capabilities.

The program will be chaired by the former commander of operations of the Royal Navy and include presentations from:

· Rear Admiral Timothy Hodgson, Director Submarine Capability, UK MoD

· Rear Admiral John Weale, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Submarines) and Rear Admiral Submarines, Royal Navy

· Rear Admiral William J Warrender, Flag Officer Sea Training, Royal Navy

· Rear Admiral Andrew C. Lennon, Commander, Submarines NATO

· Group Captain Robert O’Dell, Future Plans, ISTAR Force Command, Royal Air Force

· Captain Timo Cordes, Submarine Commander, German Navy

· Captain Shawn Malone, Chief of Staff, Undersea Warfighting Development Center

· Colonel Maurizio Maggio, ASW Lead, Aviation Branch, Italian Navy

· Commander Peter Küster,  Staff Officer Submarine Operations, NATO COE for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters

· Lieutenant Commander M.J. (Martin) Streefland, Head of Knowledge Centre NH-90 NFH, 7 Squadron, Dutch Defence Helicopter Command

· Lieutenant Commander Mirosław Jaros, Chief of Combat, Naval Aviation Branch, Polish Air Force Inspectorate

· Squadron Leader Mark Whiteside, P-8A Project Officer, Royal New Zealand Air Force

· Dr. Ivor Nissen, Scientist for Underwater Information Management, Bundeswehr Technical Centre for Ships and Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Research (WTD-71)

Learn more about the event and register: Anti-Submarine Warfare 2019

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