HUGIN Superior AUV Fitted with Multi-Domain Software

SeeByte smart software solutions for uncrewed maritime systems

SeeByte, the global leader of smart software solutions for uncrewed maritime systems (UMS), have successfully integrated their multi-domain, command and control software with Kongsberg’s HUGIN Superior Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

The HUGIN Superior AUV System is the most capable commercially available AUV. Rated to 6000 meters, it generates a superior data set coupled with the best position solution possible.

SeeByte’s SeeTrack v4 offers optimal goal-based planning and interoperability with other SeeTrack users. Its Open Architecture allows integration with different sonars, sensors, or behaviors.

Combining the two systems offers enhanced operator situational awareness across single- or multi-vehicle operations with optimal planning, monitoring, and post-mission analysis results on a single user interface.

“This interoperability between autonomous systems is a great challenge in the underwater domain. We are delighted to work with Kongsberg to successfully integrate SeeTrack with the HUGIN Superior AUV and offer a best-of-breed solution for our customers,” said SeeByte’s Business Development Manager for Defense.defense, Robert Johnson.

“Our goal is to always improve the productivity and effectiveness of the HUGIN family of AUVs. Integrating HUGIN Superior with SeeTrack provides a more cohesive planning and supervision tool for multi-system operations,” added Richard Mills, vice president in marine robotics sales at Kongsberg.

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