Six-Figure Funding Allows Development of New ROV for UXO Clearance on Wind Farm


The Aleron Subsea TRACKROV being launched into sea.

Aberdeenshire-based ROV and tooling engineering firm, Aleron Subsea, has announced its first contract win for its new hybrid TRACKROV technology, which will support unexploded clearance work on a major renewables project in The Netherlands. Following a six-figure sum investment in research and development, the TRACKROV has been mobilized to carry out unexploded ordnance identification (UXO) surveys on a wind farm route clearance project in the region.

The TRACKROV vehicle has been built to operate on the seabed for extended periods and in currents of up to 3 kt. Its design as a heavy flotation free system allows it to stay in the water longer than work-class ROVs typically used for seabed survey campaigns.

The vehicle can be deployed from a small ROV A-frame or vessel crane and is fitted with the Pangeo Subsea Sub Bottom Imaging (SBI) system, a high-flow dredge pump and a series of survey sensors to locate and identify potential UXO targets. Aleron Subsea

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