Singaporean Vessels Equipped With Saturation Diving Gear

POSH Mallard, a multi-purpose support vessel, will be fully integrated with Unique Group’s classed air and saturation dive system for subsea services.

Unique Group entered into a contract with Singapore-based POSH Subsea to offer integrated diving solutions. Unique Group will design, manufacture and deliver classed air and saturation dive systems for integration on POSH’s vessels.

POSH is supported by a fleet of multi-purpose vessels capable of supporting subsea inspection, repair and maintenance, as well as construction and installation work. Under the partnership, Unique Group will supply a holistic suite of classed air and saturation diving equipment that complies with the recommendations made by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers and the International Marine Contractors Association. Unique Group will also supply consumables and technical support during and post installation, spanning a two-year period.

The Unique Equipment Manager, a digital planned-maintenance system integrated with the dive systems, will enable POSH to track the condition of the equipment more accurately to minimize operational downtime. —Unique Group

Unique Group classed saturation diving system.

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