Wind Propulsion Automated Kite System in Action

France-based wind propulsion company Airseas has issued the first pictures and video footage of its automated kite system Seawing in flight during ongoing transatlantic sea trials. This comes as the company announces the successful completion of the crucial initial stages of these trials, which are taking place on the vessel Ville de Bordeaux, as it transports aircraft components between Europe and the United States.

The footage shows the Seawing system in action, flying 200 m above sea level, harnessing the power of the wind to propel the vessel and reduce the main engine load.

Seawing aims to slash fuel consumption and emissions by an average of 20 percent. Combining expertise from the aerospace and maritime sectors, Seawing will use digital twins and advanced automation systems to ensure that the system can be safely deployed, operated and stored at the push of a button with minimal input or training needed from crew. The solution can be installed on virtually any type of commercial vessel.

The first stages of the sea trials have successfully validated key steps such as the folding and unfolding of the wing, take-off and landing, and flights in altitude. The next phase will test the Seawing in a broader range of weather conditions and fine-tune the automation system.

Watch the video here.

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