SEAMOR ROV Recovered, Revived from the Deep of Lake Michigan

In 2014, a Great Lakes shipwreck hunter was forced to abandon his SEAMOR ROV in Lake Michigan at a depth of 134 m (440 ft.) after it became entangled in the 1929 shipwreck of the Senator, a freighter carrying 268 Nash automobiles from Milwaukee to Detroit.

The shipwreck hunter made multiple attempts over the years to recover his ROV and was finally reunited with his SEAMOR Legacy 300T in July 2022.

After the successful recovery, the shipwreck hunter spent 12 hr. power washing and cleaning his SEAMOR ROV. It fired up immediately when he started it.

After spending eight years at depth in Lake Michigan, the ROV had no visible leaks, only a bit of corrosion at both ends of the thrusters, and just two parts that needed to be replaced: the gripper and one light. The camera and lights worked for about 30 sec., the propellers on the thrusters turned freely, the cylinder with the circuit boards was bone dry, and the cylinder with the camera and lights appeared to be dry.

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