Sealite Unveils New Omni-Directional Marine Lantern


The SL-ODSL Omni-Directional Sector Lantern is a high-intensity, two-tier marine lantern with a range of up to 11NM. The small form factor design offers up to 2,600 cd in white, far greater than any other marine sector lantern on the market.

The SL-ODSL features enhanced refractive optics to ensure light is projected only where it is needed. This allows for greater optical range as well as power efficiency. The two-tier design allows for multiple sector configurations for many channel marking and leading line applications.

This model is supplied with Bluetooth and GPS via the SealitePro® App as standard. Externally fitted GSM and AIS, Type 1 or Type 3 are available as options. The SL-ODSL easily integrates into Star2M®, our secure asset management, monitoring and control service, allowing visibility of your assets anytime, anywhere.

Visit Sealite’s official website for complete product specs.

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