SBG Inertial Navigation Systems Fully Tested

SBG Systems put all its inertial navigation systems to the test during a three-day hydrographic survey in the Hamburg port area in Germany.

Test results take the form of interactive maps so hydrographers can select a product and compare its performance through seafloor maps. 

SBG Systems and local partner McArtney GmbH tested three grades of the MEMS INS (Ellipse, Ekinox, Apogee) with FOG INS all coupled with a multibeam echosounder.

SBG FOG-based INS Horizon was post-processed within Qinertia PPK software to be used as a reference.

The testing was conducted in challenging conditions, such as bridge crossings and dense urban areas, with the main focus being testing motion and position during GPS outages.

SBG Systems’ goal in this experiment was to provide professionals a guide to find out which sensor is best suited for a particular condition or situation. The test reports show how their inertial sensors perform in different scenarios encountered during hydrographic surveys. The different versions of the results (web maps, 3D models, etc.) allow easy comparison of product performance.

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