RTsys Micro-AUV

RTsys has unveiled its latest versatile micro-AUV: NemoSens. Small (less than 1 m long) and easy to carry and launch (less than 20 lb., including payload), NemoSens can host any kind of payload, be it a CTD probe, side scan sonar or other sensors. Thanks to an open LINUX architecture it can be programmed from an ROS or MOOS interface to complete various kinds of missions.

Its battery provides wide autonomy (up to 8 hr. at 4 kt.), with speed range from 2 to 8 kt., and its robustness allows it to dive more than 300 m.

Several of the micro-AUVs can maneuver in swarm (+10) thanks to acoustics; beacons on the surface could also be used for real-time repositioning. Navigation is accurate thanks to integrated INS, along with a GPS and a flasher in the mast for smooth recovery.

NemoSens suits civil applications such as seabed imagery, environmental monitoring or wreckage localization.

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