ROV Launch & Recovery System Delivered to New Zealand Navy

The LARS system during ROV deployment. (Image courtesy of Hydramec)

Hydramec Offshore completed the supply, integration and operational testing of a fully-active heave-compensated launch and recovery (LARS) system for a Saab Seaeye Cougar XT ROV to the New Zealand Navy.

The New Zealand Navy, having acquired Ostensjo’s Edda Fonn multipurpose vessel for conversion to a diving support vessel, required an ROV to assist with diving support and other operations.

Specifications demanded that the winch system be electric and have AHC capability for operations up to sea state 6. The A-frame needed to be designed so that it would dip 1.2 m below the deck level of the launch hanger to reduce the air gap between the launch point and splashzone. It was also specified that the A-frame have an outreach of 5 m from the vessel’s side.

The LARS had to be designed, approved by Lloyd’s Register and delivered within 16 weeks of the signing of the contracts to meet Ostensjo’s tight schedule for delivery of the vessel. —Hydramec Offshore Hydraulic Systems Ltd.

Twin drive electric AHC winch. (Image courtesy of Hydramec)
A 5-m outreach telescopic dipping A-frame pictured with the Saab Seaeye
Cougar XT ROV. (Image courtesy of Hydramec)

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