Real-Time Static Bathymetry Sonar

iXblue has launched SeapiX-C solid-state 3D multibeam sonar, offering real-time georeferenced static bathymetry capabilities to marine works operators for instant monitoring and decision making.

Offering a new static 3D imagery solution able to display the seabed in real time during jack-up barges deployment, SeapiX-C enables operators to directly see where they are positioning the legs of the platforms, bringing higher efficiency and safety to deployment operations by removing the need for time-consuming and costly pre-lay diver operations. All real-time bathymetric results, platform information and other critical information are displayed within a single user-friendly interface to facilitate operations.

SeapiX-C is also a valuable solution that increases operational efficiency for dredging works by enabling real-time monitoring of construction or maintenance operations. With this new georeferenced static bathymetry capability, operators can observe and monitor their work directly into their existing dredging software, preventing ineffective or out-of-specifications dredging and reducing dredging time.

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