New Radar Sensing Software from Raytheon and ONR

Raytheon Missiles & Defense and the Office of Naval Research (ONR) have partnered to successfully demonstrate the Network Cooperative Radar (NCR) program.

The program aims to develop advanced radar systems that will help the U.S. Navy achieve its purpose in distributed sensing networks. It aims to provide the fleet with electromagnetic (EM) manipulation capabilities to support the U.S. Navy’s concept of Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO).

According to the company, software updates for the SPY-6 radar will help the service better defend against new threats.

In the demonstration, two surface-based radar emulators used the distributed sensing feature to detect the target.

Maj. Gen. Seiko Okano, Executive Officer of the U.S. Navy Integrated War System Program, said: “Programs like NCR ensure that SPY-6 will be the backbone of future distributed sensing capabilities.” 

According to Raytheon, coordinated radar works together using distributed sensing capabilities to provide a complete view of objects within the desired coverage area.

Vice President of Raytheon Missiles & Defense Advanced Technology, Colin Whelan, said: “Continuous development of features demonstrated by NCR ensures that the SPY-6 remains the most advanced naval radar in the world.” 

Last July, Raytheon delivered the first AN / SPY-6 (V) 1 radar array to the U.S. Navy for deployment on DDG51 Flight III class vessels.

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