Preparing For Future Undersea Warfare: Insights from Former Rear Admiral Robert Tarrant CB

(Image from ASW’s interview, “Preparing for Future Undersea Warfare: Insights from Rear Admiral (Retd.) Robert Tarrant CB)

The significant increase in submarine activity seen over the last three years in the Atlantic region and the proliferation of diesel submarines in Asia offer a strong indication of the direction of anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

In an exclusive interview, the chairman of this year’s Anti-Submarine Warfare conference, Rear Admiral (Retd.) Bob Tarrant CB, former Commander Operations of the Royal Navy, shares his exclusive insight on the current threat that submarines pose to NATO’s security and how that threat is driving ASW force development.

Read this interview to learn more about his views on:

· The threat potential adversaries’ submarines pose to NATO’s security

· The key changes of NATO’s ASW doctrine and force structure to adapt and meet the threat

· The capabilities that will define future undersea warfare

· What the unmanned/manned blend will look like for future submarine forces and how this will impact formation of the ASW mission

· The barriers that prevent the integration of airborne, surface and sub-surface assets to deliver a joint approach to ASW

· What he looks most forward to at this year’s Anti-Submarine Warfare conference

Read the interview with Rear Admiral (Retd.) Bob Tarrant CB.

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