Pipeline Survey via XOCEAN USV

XOCEAN has completed pipeline surveys for Equinor off the east coast of England and the north coast of Germany. Using high-resolution multibeam technology, four pipelines were surveyed with a cumulative length of 130 nm in water depths ranging from 2 to 40 m. Throughout the surveys, a team of USV pilots monitored both the USV and the data quality 24/7 from XOCEAN’s control room in Ireland. 

In September, XOCEAN safely completed TWCP surveys for PX Group on pipelines in Shetland and off the coast of Aberdeenshire. Running up to 9 km from shore, the surveys were monitored and controlled by a team of onshore USV pilots.

XOCEAN’s USVs have recently completed journeys to new international markets. The X-04 has arrived in Nova Scotia to perform seabed surveys in Atlantic Canada, and the X-03 has recently returned from Germany after completing pipeline surveys in the southern North Sea. 

The company has also finished construction of its sixth XO-450, and the X-06 is undergoing control system fit-out, to be followed by sea trials before entering service.


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