Acoustics Analysis Software Dedicated to Non-Acousticians

Created by Abyssens for non-acousticians, Pile Drive Analyser is dedicated to acoustics post-processing analysis during sea works (pile driving) and automatic regulatory report publishing.

The statistical analysis of the levels, the regulatory thresholds exceeding computation, and the impact areas assessment are done for impulsive noises. The ambient noise is monitored through the third octave bands spectrum computation and the ANL statistical analysis.

This assessment of acoustic levels is in agreement with the following regulations:  European recommendations (MSFD), French recommendations, American regulations (NMFS) for marine mammals and fish, German regulations and Swedish regulations.

No information about regulation thresholds or mathematical formulas are required. The user only has to choose the regulation to be taken into account and the category of marine mammals or fish if necessary. The software runs the analysis automatically.

A complete report is automatically published with possible customization (adding texts, figures or tables). Multi-session analysis allows one to compare data from several sessions; for example, on both sides of a bubble curtain or recordings from multiple areas. A regulatory synthesis table concludes the report.

The locally saved database containing the computed information allows the user to be autonomous and to save time with quick access to the previous results, such as watching results and re-editing the previous reports.

There is no more need for a specialized engineering office to analyze your data. To learn more, visit the Abyssens official website.

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