Palau to Host the 2020 “Our Oceans” Conference

The Republic of Palau will host the 2020 edition of the Our Oceans conference, an event designed as a forum for ocean leaders to commit to positive changes related to marine protected areas, climate change, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, sustainable blue economy and maritime security.

The Our Oceans event held in 2017 in Malta resulted in 433 tangible and measurable commitments including more than 100 commitments from the corporate sector, plus EUR 7.2 billion in financial pledges and 2.5 million sq. km. of additional marine protected areas.

Beginning in 2014, the first three events were held in Washington, D.C. and organized by the U.S. Department of State. The 2017 event in Malta was organized by the European Union. The 2018 event will be held in Indonesia, and 2019 will be in Norway.

The full details of all 2017 commitments in the six key areas can be explored at the Our Ocean 2017 website.

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