OSIL Modular Vibrocorers Make Global Impact


Leading environmental monitoring systems manufacturers Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) is pleased to report that its range of robust and easy-to-use vibrocorer systems are increasingly in use worldwide.

A multitude of users in Europe, Asia, and Africa currently boast a modular OSIL vibrocoring system amongst their geotechnical assets, and have put the systems to work on a variety of marine reclamation projects, offshore drilling works, and pipeline route surveys,- in addition to academic studies.

The OSIL Vibrocorers have been designed as tough but versatile modular systems for the sampling of densely compacted sediments in up to 250-m water depth, which are easy to transport and which minimize dockside assembly for quicker mobilization. The Vibrocorers benefit from a simple deployment and recovery procedure, which suits opportunistic use of available vessels.

The systems can be assembled either dockside or on the vessel itself into a 3-m or 6-m system before deploying over the stern. The corers have been designed for straightforward horizontal or vertical recovery on the vessel and effortless removal of the core barrel and sample once back on deck.

OSIL’s global reputation for the production of simple, cost-effective sediment coring systems has steadily increased year-on-year as a direct result of word-of-mouth recommendations from existing clients.

For further information, please contact sales@osil.com.

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