ORPC CEO and Co-founder Retires

Ocean Renewable Power Company Inc. (ORPC) announced that its CEO and co-founder, Chris Sauer, will retire on January 17, 2020.

Sauer and two others started ORPC in September 2004. After initially serving as chief technology officer, Sauer took on the duties of CEO in 2006. Under his leadership, ORPC developed its proprietary marine renewable energy technology from an initial concept to a proven renewable energy product, the RivGen Power System. The first commercial RivGen Power System is currently operating in Igiugig, Alaska. Today, ORPC has grown to 30 employees located in three countries on two continents.

Engaged in energy entrepreneurship for most of his career, Sauer is a pioneer in the marine renewable energy sector. Technology developed and patented under his leadership converts the energy in water currents (both tidal and river) into clean, reliable supplies of renewable electricity.

Sauer will continue to be involved in ORPC as an adviser and looks forward to spending more time enjoying life in Maine. 

ORPC, whose mission is to improve people’s lives and their environment through sustainable energy solutions, is the only company to have built, operated and delivered power to a utility grid from a tidal energy project (in Maine) and to a remote community grid from a river energy project (in Alaska).

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