One Ocean Innovation Accelerator’s First Cohort

Washington Maritime Blue has chosen its first cohort for the One Ocean Innovation Accelerator, an intensive mentor-based 12-week program focused on helping international maritime industry startups learn how to scale and grow an equitable and sustainable blue economy.

Maritime Blue is an independent, nonprofit organization building the leadership, infrastructure, and global connections to scale the blue economy.

This first cohort is composed of companies from South Korea and Finland who are looking to expand their reach beyond their borders and into the U.S. market by way of Washington state.

These startups will participate in global networking events, mentorship opportunities, and programming to evolve business development initiatives, messaging and communications, legal considerations, investments, financing, and other opportunities for growth. Startups receive access to Washington Maritime Blue industry and ocean leaders alongside a global network of startup mentors and advisers.

The companies will participate remotely for the first few weeks of the program, followed by on-site events at Maritime Blue’s headquarters at Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle, Washington. While on site, the companies will have an opportunity to connect with each other, meet ecosystem partners, and learn more about how to expand their businesses in Washington state.

The companies joining include:

● Elogrid (Finland): Helping ships improve maneuverability

● Gigachance (Korea): VR/AR platform for ships and plants

● JJ & Companies (Korea): AI-powered aquatic live biometric analysis

● Microsystems (Korea): Drop-free glass for autonomous shipping

● Muveen (Korea): Safety supply materials for the shipping industry

● TAS Global (Korea): Underwater hull cleaning and filtration

● Rewake (Finland): Intelligence platform for fuel and energy efficiency

You can learn more about the Maritime Blue One Ocean Accelerator at:

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