OceanTools Appoint Innova as Distributing Partner

OceanTools appoint Innova as distributing partner

OceanTools Limited, a world-leading subsea engineering company based in Aberdeen, Scotland, are delighted to announce the new appointment of Norwegian company Innova as exclusive reseller of their market-leading subsea cameras, lighting, and dye detection systems.

Innova are a well-renowned technology company that provide multidisciplinary engineering services, products, and solutions to the international underwater industry. They now also include OceanTools’ product lines within their subsea rental catalogue.

Brian Hector, technical sales manager at OceanTools, said, “We have an active team of distributors across the world and it’s great to add Innova to the group. They have a long-established presence in the Norwegian North Sea region and many great customer relationships which they can enhance with OceanTools products. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership.”

Stig Olsen, sales and marketing director at Innova, said, “We look forward to working with OceanTools and developing our business relationship for the best of our customers.”

For full details of OceanTools’ global distributor team, visit oceantools.co.uk/distributors.

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