Oceanography Students Deploy WASSP Multibeam

Oceanography students at the University of Rhode Island specializing in marine robotics, remote sensing and mapping have started using a WASSP S3 multibeam system as part of a project to survey inland ponds and coastal estuaries. 

The students have deployed the WASSP multibeam system aboard a specially developed autonomous kayak. The kayak can be deployed out of the bed of a pickup truck to collect environmental data, conduct bathymetric surveys and serve as a test platform for new autonomy algorithms. 

During initial trials, the WASSP multibeam was able to profile ripples on the estuary floor that are up to 15 cm apart.

The WASSP S3 is purpose-built for survey and mapping. Scanning a 120° swath port to starboard and using 224 beams, WASSP S3 can deliver accurate, high-quality data in the most demanding marine environments. Advanced signal processing provides a complete picture of seafloor bathymetry.


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