Ocean Exchange Award Winners

Ocean Exchange, supporting the acceleration of innovative solutions for healthy oceans and a sustainable blue economy, has announced the winners of its Neptune, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Orcelle and Transportation Hub Awards, each of which bestows prize money of $100,000. The winners were selected from an international list of 24 finalists at the Ocean Exchange 2022 event in October in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The 2022 award recipients are:

2022 Neptune Award: NovFeed, Tanzania, represented by Diana Orembe, founder and CEO. Focused on replacement of fish meal in aquafeed formulation, NovFeed has developed a biotechnological platform where organic waste is converted into a natural, traceable and safe nonanimal protein source for aquaculture feeds.

2022 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Orcelle Award: BeePlanet Factory, Spain, represented by Jon Asin, co-founder and CEO. BeePlanet Factory engages in energy storage based on second-life batteries (B2U); smart charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicle charging (BeeCharge); and control software to facilitate the integration of renewable energies and energy consumption (BeeSmart). The company also provides e-consulting, guiding its clients through the adoption of new forms of mobility.

2022 Transportation Hub Award: C2C-NewCap, Portugal, represented by André Mão de Ferro, chief technology officer. C2C-NewCap has developed breakthrough eco-friendly energy storage technologies based on hybrid supercapacitors. They reduce waste production by extending the lifetime of batteries and fossil fuel consumption by limiting idling and do not use critical raw materials. They will efficiently lower the CO2 emissions of commercial heavy vehicles by 11 percent, having a direct impact on air quality, especially in loading/unloading areas such as harbors.

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