Norwegian Company Wins US Offshore Wind Contract

Equinor has been declared the provisional winner of one of the three leases offered in the U.S. government’s wind lease sale for an area offshore Massachusetts. Equinor will now have the opportunity to explore the potential development of offshore wind farms to provide the region with a significant, long-term source of renewable electricity.

The new lease, located south of Massachusetts and east of New York, gives Equinor a strong strategic position. The company now holds leases within reach of some of the most important markets for offshore wind in the US. Equinor says it believes in the longterm regional potential for offshore wind as a major local source of renewable, reliable and cost-effective energy.

This new lease is part of Equinor’s effort to become a leader in renewable energy development in the US. In December 2016, Equinor won the federal lease auction of 80,000 acres south of New York and east of New Jersey. Equinor is currently developing projects in that lease area for the offshore-wind markets in both states: Empire Wind in New York and Boardwalk Wind in New Jersey. In total, Equinor’s U.S. offshore wind portfolio now has the potential to power more than two million homes with renewable power. —Equinor

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