Nonprofit Acquires 6,000-M-Rated Vehicles

Global Oceans, a U.S.-based nonprofit corporation focused on mobilizing commercial-sector resources for ocean science has acquired through a donation from Oceaneering International Inc. three deep-sea exploration vehicles rated to 6,000 m of operational depth: the Magellan 725 ROV, the Ocean Discovery ROV and the Ocean
Explorer 6000 towed sonar system, together with a full complement of infrastructure to deploy the
vehicles, including winches, cranes, power systems, operational modules, workshops and supplies.

These vehicles contributed to several historic projects, including the successful recovery of the lost
Apollo “Liberty Bell 7” space capsule from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean and live-streaming video from
the Titanic.

When relaunched, these ROVs will contribute a significant capacity for deep-sea biophysical sampling, seabed mapping, exploration, habitat surveys and scientific research for several Global Oceans projects. The ROVs will be made widely available to the international ocean science community for research and for training the next generation of ocean scientists.

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