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Nonprofit Acquires 6,000-M-Rated Vehicles

Global Oceans, a U.S.-based nonprofit corporation focused on mobilizing commercial-sector resources for ocean science has acquired through a donation from Oceaneering International Inc. three deep-sea exploration vehicles rated to 6,000 m of operational depth: the Magellan 725 ROV, the Ocean Discovery ROV and the OceanExplorer 6000 towed sonar system, together with a full complement of infrastructure to deploy thevehicles, including

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Nido Robotics ROVs

Nido Robotics

Nido Robotics, the Murcia-based Spanish firm dedicated to the development of cutting-edge subsea robotics, has launched two ROVs. The super-portable Sibiu Nano weighs a mere 5.15 kg and will fit into the smallest spaces. It is as easy to maneuver as it is to transport, enabling operators to conduct detailed underwater inspection procedures in depths of up to 100 m

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