Nigeria’s First Regional Multi-Client, Multibeam Seafloor Study

TDI-Brooks International Inc., under contract to TGS, has completed the multibeam phase offshore the Niger Delta for a survey that took place in water depths of 750 to 3,500 m. This is Nigeria’s first regional multi-client multibeam and seafloor sampling study.

TDI-Brooks’ RV Gyre acquired 82,000 sq. km of high-resolution hull-mounted multibeam echosounder data. During the multibeam data collection a total of 1,223 active hydrocarbon seeps were detected. Onboard hydrocarbon seep analysis was conducted in near real time on board the vessel to expedite the process of core selection. The Gyre is fitted with an
EM302 MBES (EM304 upgrade pending).

The RV Proteus is scheduled to begin acquisition of the follow-up surface geochemical exploration coring campaign in July 2020, where approximately 245 piston core samples targeting suspected seep features selected from the MBES data set will be collected, along with an additional 45 piston core samples for geotechnical and biostratigraphic studies.

An additional 17 surface heat flow measurements will also be collected as part of the program.

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