New Version of SonarWiz Offers Fast Processing

Chesapeake Technology will release SonarWiz 7.4 in April 2019, with updates to many of the software modules. Side scan updates include automatic processing and real-time directory monitoring to enable unattended workflows, along with two new bottom-tracking algorithms designed to work better in noisy environments. New file compression reduces project size by as much as four times and vastly improves export speed of large, high-resolution mosaics, reducing processing time from days to hours. The bathymetry updates support drag-and-drop file import, new 3D visualization tools and the ability to import many new file formats including GSF, Kraken TIL and WASSP.

SonarWiz 7.4 can directly import and process QPS sidescan *.QPD/*.DB files. Additionally, it continues to add interfaces for real time servers for sidescan, multibeam, magnetometer and sub bottom sonars, now including Jetasonic and Sonardyne. —Chesapeake Technology

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