New Series of ‘First’ Manned Dives in 2020

The groundbreaking Triton 36000/2 will be utilized once again by investor and explorer Victor Vescovo as he embarks on a new series of dives in 2020, visiting never before seen ocean depths and famed historic sites.

A collaboration between Triton Submarines, Vescovo and EYOS Expeditions, the Caladan Oceanic expeditions will be documented in real-time between February and July of 2020.

A two-person research submersible, exclusively designed and manufactured by Triton specifically for extreme deep-sea exploration endeavors, the Triton 36000/2 (also called DSV Limiting Factor) was last used to complete the Five Deeps Expedition, Vescovo’s successful visit to the deepest point in all five oceans.

The only commercial submersible ever certified to “unlimited” depth, it will be transported and deployed into the ocean depths by the deep submergence support vessel (DSSV) Pressure Drop, a former U.S. Navy ship specially retrofitted for the expedition. Vescovo will pilot the submersible on almost all of its dives.

The mission will include five phases:

  • Phase I: “La Minerve” (West Mediterranean)
  • Phase II: The Calypso Deep (East Mediterranean)
  • Phase III: The Red Sea
  • Phase IV: Indian Ocean/Nekton Expedition
  • Phase V: The “Ring of Fire” Expedition

Vescovo has just completed the first phase of the voyage.

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