New E-Learning Course: Cyber Awareness for Mariners

maritime cyber awareness

The United States Maritime Resource Center (USMRC) has launched an e-learning course: Cyber Awareness for Mariners. It provides mariners aboard any vessel with a better understanding of common vulnerabilities to onboard computer-based networks and industrial control systems, including both operational and information technologies. It also offers tested and effective guidance to help prevent onboard cyber disruptions.

The course is built directly from the industry’s first evidence-based research effort, the USMRC Maritime Cyber Assurance Research program, which is recognized and supported by the highest levels of shipping.

Vessel owners and operators, as well as ship management and crew staffing companies, also will benefit from the course, which is derived from actual onboard research and analysis in the marine industrial environment, across numerous vessel types and a wide range of cargo, passenger and specialized operations.

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