New Documentary on Saving Species from Extinction

Actress Claire Danes has signed on to narrate “Back from the Brink: Saved from Extinction,” the new documentary that captures remarkable comeback stories of endangered species from around the world that are rebounding thanks to human efforts. The film will launch in the U.S. and open worldwide in Giant Screen, IMAX and Digital 3D cinemas beginning October 26, 2019.

Watch the trailer here.

By the end of this century, half of all species could be pushed to the brink of extinction. Human activities, in particular, pose a significant threat–affecting wildlife in ways both visible and invisible. But humans can also be the solution.

The film brings to life the story of three animal species whose numbers recently dwindled to near extinction but were rescued from the brink: California’s Channel Island Fox, China’s Golden Monkey and the migrating giant red crabs of Christmas Island, off the coast of Australia. 

The documentary aims to engage and inspire audiences to take action and connect with nature. A slate of educational outreach materials and other resources are available at the film’s website:

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