New Company: Blue Trail Engineering

Blue Trail Engineering is a new source for high-quality, low-cost underwater servo actuators, thrusters and electrical connectors. 

Blue Trail Engineering’s products meet rigorous technical specifications while still fitting the budgets of start-ups, universities and research institutions.

Blue Trail Engineering offers depth-rated servo actuators at a fraction of the size and cost of other subsea actuators, according to the company. Rated to 2.8-Nm torque and 100-m depth, they feature robust Delrin cases; titanium output shafts and hardware; and programmable speed, travel and overload protection. Multiple-turn and continuous-rotation variations are also available.

Blue Trail Engineering’s 100-watt thrusters are optimized for high-efficiency applications such as long-endurance ASVs and AUVs. With magnetic shaft couplings and Swiss Maxon brushless motors, the thrusters are designed for months of continuous operation at depths down to 300 m.

Recognizing a pressing need in the industry for low-cost, reliable electrical connections, Blue Trail Engineering offers a line of cables and low-profile connectors that are rated to 600-m depth. Their cables feature a unique end-termination that does not require overmolding, creating a compact, low-profile assembly.

All Blue Trail Engineering products are assembled in the U.S.A. and can be ordered for immediate delivery from

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