New Book–Timor-Leste: From the Sea to the Mountains

“Timor-Leste: From the Sea to the Mountains” is a new book by Gerardo Ângelo that offers a comprehensive look at the nature of Timor-Leste and its outstanding biodiversity, underwater and on land. It includes photos of more than 900 marine species (fish, molluscs, crustaceans, corals, etc.) in their natural habitats in the waters of Timor-Leste, as well as more than 100 species of birds, reptiles and mammals, many of them endemic. It is also an account of adventures in traveling to some of the most secluded places in the country.

Some of the species featured are rare and/or almost undocumented.

Species are identified by common and scientific names in their respective pages, and a species index at the end, organized by taxonomy, includes location details for each photo. The WoRMS database (as of June 2017) was used to check taxonomy.

The book is bilingual (English and Portuguese).

It’s available for order at: 

A few copies are also available at:

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