MSGBC Basin Analysis

TDI-Brooks International Inc. (under contract to TGS) has completed the offshore seep-hunting surface geochemical analysis and geotechnical campaign of the MSGBC Basin, from Northern Senegal through
the Gambia and AGC zone, into Guinea-Bissau, down to the Guinea transform fault.

TDI-Brooks’ RV Gyre acquired 80,000 sq. km of high-resolution multibeam echosounder bathymetry and performed the offshore advanced analysis where 80 active hydrocarbon seeps were detected in the multibeam water column data to date.

The RV Proteus completed phase two, performing the coring program that included 260 piston cores, 23 jumbo piston cores and 23 heat flow measurements.

Advanced geochemical analysis of samples is ongoing.

The RV Gyre is currently performing a further geochemistry analysis program offshore Nigeria. This is Nigeria’s first regional multi-client multibeam and seafloor sampling study. The study will cover an area of approximately 80,000 sq. km of the offshore Niger Delta and will incorporate around 150 cores from the seabed, which target multibeam backscatter anomalies. To date, the RV Gyre has collected 65,000 sq. km of multibeam data and identified 431 water column anomalies in the Nigeria study area.

These programs follow the successful coring program in Brazil’s Campos and Santos Basins in 2019 covering over 213,000 sq. km.

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